Brazil Defender Dani Alves Promised Fans to Come Back Stronger


Dani Alves is ruled out of the FIFA world cup Russia 2018 due to a knee injury, reports suggest he is suffering an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury in his right leg. He insisted his fans not to cry and he will even come back stronger.

Alves who is currently in the PSG squad was seen limped off just before the end of the game against Les Herbiers in French cup final. According to club doctors, Dani could be out from football for six months and the injury is quite nasty.

Alves who has three champions league under his belt and a Copa America along with league titles of France, Italy, and Spain were not seen responding to his shock injury.  Instead, he said his fans not to lament and he was also quoted saying that in his long career, he has lived his dreams and achieved whatever he wanted.
Brazil defender Dani Alves

Alves Is Confident With Brazil

Despite his absence, Dani still believes that Brazil can lift up the trophy for the first time this summer in Russia. Maybe he will turn 39 in the next edition of the FIFA world cup Russia 2018 but he still hopes to play for that edition.

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In an interview he said that in next edition of the world cup he will be 39 and will still compete in the team to find a place for the tournament, he later said that he will turn 39 but his spirit is as young as 17 years.

Brazil to Begin Their Encounter against Switzerland

Brazil national team will begin their campaign by playing against Switzerland. Dani is confident with his team, however, there is no doubt that Brazil is one of the balanced team and is the favorites of this world cup.

However, Brazil fans ware quite happy as their poster boy, Neymar will make his return prior to the world cup and will be part of the first two warm-up games for his nation.


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