Buy Online Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia Ticket details Match 18 FIFA 2018

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FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres(FVTC) opened on 18 April 2018 in Host Cities of FIFA World Cup 2018. The tickets after buying will be delivered to your residence under Tickets Sales Regulations list and the details of the regulations are also found in Frequently Asked QuestionsTickets are allocated by FIFA to you during two phases- Sales Phase (1) and Sales Phase (2).

Tickets will be allocated at First Come First Served basis to Tickets Applicants, so you should order you tickets online as the sales have started from 18 April, 2018 as due to high demands, tickets will be sold out soon so hurry up fans. 1,64,136 tickets have been allocated online to football fans through in the first 24 hours.

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For more information you can check Ticket Delivery and Collection section. If you purchase tickets during Last Minute Sales Period, you will get your tickets at Tickets Collection Locations which is managed by FIFA in the host cities of FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia. Seats are filling fast, so buy tickets as soon as possible.

Buy Online Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia Ticket details Match 18 FIFA 2018

Buy online Uruguay vs Suadi Arabia tickets

The Uruguay National Football Team is governed by Uruguayan Football Association. The team is commonly known as La Celeste and Los Charruas. The team has won championship two times in FIFA World Cup tournament in 1930 and 1950. Saudi Arabia is one of the successful national team in Asia. They are qualified for the biggest tournament of FIFA World Cup 2018. The team is controlled by Saudi Arabian Football Federation. The team has been qualified five times in FIFA World Cup in which they gave best performance in 1994 reaching stage 16.

The eighteenth  match is on 20 June, 2018, between Uruguay and Saudi Arabia in Rostov Arena, Left Bank Zone at 18:00. The tickets – (a)Match Status, (b)  Match Status,  Match House Premier, (d) Match Shared Suite, (e) Match Private Suite, (f) Tsarsky Lounge are the seats available only after requets and Category 4 tickets are available only for Russian Citizens.The tickets prices are shown below:

Detailed Seating Plan     

Seats Categories


Category  4
Rs. 16,052.74
Category  3
Rs. 21,403.43
Category  2
Rs. 26,754.12
Category  1
Rs. 32,105.49
Match House Premier


Rs. 74,127.94
Match House Pret-A-Diner
Rs. 80,866.85
Match Club
Rs. 87,605.75
Match Pavilion
Rs. 1,75,211.50
Match Business Seat
Rs. 2,83,033.97

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