Contending Captains made Dilemma for Enclosure of Paolo Guerrero


The captains of the three teams fraught to play Peru at the 2018 World Cup in Russia in next 23 days have requested FIFA to rescind a restrict Paolo Guerrero to play in this World Cup as he was forbidden after confirming positive for cocaine.

Contending Captains made Dilemma for Enclosure of Paolo Guerrero
Contending Captains made Dilemma for Enclosure of Paolo Guerrero 

Paolo Guerrero
started his career with Peru National Football Team with the failure of FIFA World Cup 2016 qualification campaign but somehow he scored two times for the national side. He got his first victory in Lima’s Estadio National against Chile. In the opening game of Copa America in 2007, Paolo Guerrero achieved a 3-0 win against Uruguay.

Paolo Guerrero as a captain of Peru was antiquated in the finals last week after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) raised from six months to 14 months a ban he received after confirming positive for cocaine which was contained in a tea he used to drink.
France captain Hugo Lloris, Australia’s skipper Mile Jedinak and Denmark head Simon Kjaer wrote a letter to FIFA Association saying the ban was unreasonable and given that CAS sanctioned Paolo Guerrero did not purposely consume cocaine or attempt to acquire a benefit.

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The forfeiture means the Peru captain for 34 years is going to miss Peru’s first World Cup in 36 years. They cease their Group C campaign against Denmark on 16 June before meeting France and Australia.

The three of the captains said Paolo Guerrero could be assigned to play in the tournament and serve the remainder of his forfeiture thereupon. They also said that they strongly believe a temporary interference would be unbaised and rightful solution.


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