Fifa 2018: Group D match and tickets details purchase online

FIFA World cup
The biggest tournament FIFA World Cup 2018 is about to begin in 28 days. There are several groups participating in this battle. Each group consist of 4 teams. The tournament is hosted in and by Russia. The millions and billions of football fans put your feet forward to buy tickets till the seats are available.

Group D consists teams from Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria. The tickets of the matches are being sold on first come first serve basis and the seats are getting filled faster. The football fans can purchase tickets via The payment is available through VISA Card as VISA is the payment partner of FIFA.
fifa 2018 tickets to buy online
fifa 2018 tickets to buy online

Schedule for the matches of Group D :

  • ·         On 16 June, 2018, the first match of this group will be held in Moscow at Spartak Stadium between Argentina and Iceland and the timing is 16:00. The is the 7thmatch of FIFA World Cup 2018.
  • ·         The second match i.e, 8th match of the tournament under this group is between Croatia and Nigeria at 21:00 in Kaliningrad at Kaliningrad Stadium on 16 June, 2018.
  • ·         The 23rd match of FIFA and third match of Group D is on 21 June, 2018 at 21:00 in Nizhny Novgorod between Argentina and Croatia in Nizhny Novgorod Stadium.
  • ·         The 24rd match of FIFA and fourth match of Group D is on 22 June, 2018 at 18:00 in Volgograd  between Nigeria and Iceland in Volgograd Arena in Prospekt Lenina.
  • ·         On 26 June, 2018, the fifth match of this group will be held at Saint Petersburg Stadium between Nigeria and Argentina and the timing is 21:00. The is the 39thmatch of FIFA World Cup 2018.
  • ·         The sixth and the last match under this group and 40th match of the tournament is between Iceland and Croatia at 21:00 in Rostov-on-Don at Rostov-on-Don Arena on 26 June, 2018.

The ticketsof the tournament are now available in the official website and the tickets will be delivered at your address without any charges. The delivery of the tickets is already started from April. In case of last minute purchasing of tickets, you have to collect your tickets from the FIFA office.  Before purchasing tickets, you should read the terms and conditions carefully.

The seats are in different formats. The tickets are – (a)Match Status, (b)  Match Status,  Match House Premier, (c)Match Shared Suite, (d) Match Private Suite, (e) Tsarsky Lounge are the seats available only after request .
Following are the tickets which are available for all other than of Category 4( this is for Russian people only) –
        i.            Category  4
      ii.            Category  3
    iii.            Category  2
    iv.            Category  1
      v.            Match House Premier
    vi.            Match House Pret-A-Diner
  vii.            Match Club
viii.            Match Pavilion
    ix.            Match Business Seat

For the details of each team of Group D, you can check the following links:

For more information for FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets , we will give you further updates regularly that you can check on our website 


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