FIFA News: The losers amazed the Russia World Cup 2018


No one knows to whom one should support in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and not to support for a true loser. Hither are some of the long shots who could belong to fans idols, and even amaze the world on footballer’s greatest stage.
If any of the football fans want to applaud for the utmost long shot, then fans should blame Saudi Arabia. Las Vegas overlay them at 1000 to 1 to win the World Cups, the nastiest among all of the 32 teams.

The losers amazed the Russia World Cup 2018
The losers amazed the Russia World Cup 2018

Panama is making its debut by its first FIFA World Cup ever. The country of 4 million was so ecstatic when it was certified; a national holiday was announced by the president the next day.

Egypt is making its third FIFA World Cup debut and first in 27 years. They also have a cool nickname: The Pharaohs. But the Egyptians have an eventful past of triumph in Africa which could cause a few upsets.

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No matter whom you select, the 2018 FIFA World Cup pledges to offer no shortage of action and a few stressful upsets too.


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