FIFA World Cup 2018 News: Louis Vuitton published Privilege collection


Louis Vuitton  is the international fashion company which deals from  leather goods  to ready-to-wear, jewelry, watches, shoes, accessories, books and sunglasses and much more. Louis Vuitton   has promulgated the three exclusive projects to celebrate 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia which is in next 27 days.
The international company- Louis Vuitton will conduct the Official FIFA World Cup Trophy adding two new exclusive projects with the visualization of the World Cup finals in Russia. Those two unique projects will be an official adidas match ball collection trunk and an official legal product collection.
Louis Vuitton  has collaborated with Adidas and FIFA to create an exclusive and outstanding match ball trunk. Internationally, only 21 balls will be available to purchase, after which trunk will conduct 13 re-editions of that Match Balls which are being used since 1970 FIFA World Cup.
Besides match balls trunk, Louis will also launch 2018 FIFA World Cup’s Official Licensed Product Collection including unique versions of Keepall and Apollo bags in addition with a variety of small leather pieces. The logo for FIFA will be designed as L.V” which is going to be used as a team’s symbol.
Maintaining the Louis Vuitton‘s long ethics of embracement, a modification tool will give the chance to create authentic and exclusive flag-inspired colored editions of the collection’s Keepall bags to football fans during 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.


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