FIFA World Cup 2018 Theme Anthem Song Colors

FIFA World cup
The theme song is the most influential aspect to FIFA World Cup for the year. The remarkable singers –  Ricky Martin, Shakira and Anastacia sung World Cup songs before also which became popular. This year’s theme song is sung by Jason Derulo and was released in March 9, 2018 .

Football fans are very much excited about 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament as well as the Anthem Song by Jason Derulo.  Despite of the advertisements and promotions on televisions and social networking sites, the fans were anxious about the lyrical aspect of the song which is definitely a major thing.

Jason Derulo is the American singer as well as lyricist and he is the award-winning singer. He sings hip-hop songs, R n B songs along with Pop Songs. He has also sung with many singers and rappers including Pitbull and Nicki Minaj.

The official  Anthem Song for 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament is “Colors” by Jason Derulo which is the Coca-Cola anthem basically representing the host country, Russia.

“Colors”is the enthusiastic song dealing with the inspiration of multi-cuturalism as the title of the song implies positivity and hope. Let us take a look of the theme song which beautifully shows the love for the country:

Let’s put on a show
Hands up for your colors
Represents your country
Raise your flag
Show your true colors

The World Cups songs are being heard for long time and 2018 FIFA World Cup’s magnificent song remind us of the game and of the country. Like the theme song of FIFA, we will give you other major to minor updates here to our website – .


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