FIFA World Cup Memories: Johan Cruyff turn & West Germany’s Improvement

In  1974, West Germany was hosting the FIFA World Cup as prevailing European champions who were anxious to prove the world that they could host any important sporting event in the repercussion of ‘Munich Massacre’ during the Olympics in 1972.

East Germany getting banged with their West German correspondents in the same group raised the diplomatic abstinent before the tournament as the hosts couldn’t fantasy of losing to their neighbors’. 

FIFA World Cup Memories: Johan Cruyff turn & West Germany's Improvement

Playing under their fabulous star Johan Cruyff, the Netherlands National Football Team won adherents from across the world with Total Footballin which players’ switched positions and roles with astonishing talent. And during the World Cup, Cruyff gifted the game a move that became popularly known as Cruyff turn that had not just left the Swedish defender in shock but left fans across the world perplexing. 

The West German players negotiated hard with German Football Association for a heavy bonus if they won the title and they played the whole battle under a lot of pressure. Their fortuitous defeat against East Germany in the group stage only entangled matters but the loss helped them as their second-place position in the group helped them avoid Brazil, the Netherlands and Argentina in the second group stage.

FIFA World Cup Memories: Johan Cruyff turn & West Germany's Improvement
1970 FIFA World Cup: Brazil vs Netherlands 

During the finals, Germany was not in the picture in the early minutes and the Netherlands ball control was unbelievable. They were given a penalty in just the second minute of the match. Johan Neeskens did not waste his golden chance and gave the Dutch leading by 1-0. 

The early goal agitated German plans but they came back in the 25th minute scoring through Paul Breitner’s spot kick. After concluding the game-tie, the Germans gained control and beat the Netherlands in their own game. Gerd Muller scored the winner in the 43rd minute to help Beckenbauer lift the trophy in his third World Cup appearance.

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