Russia Assures Fans from Hooliganism, Deploy Police force


The authorities of Russia who are in charge of the tournament that is to be held this summer gave assurance to the fans that they will be safe from all kinds of violent acts. It is expected that more than 10000 fans will travel from England to witness the tournament this summer.

Violence broke out in between fans of Russia and England when the two countries drawn against each other in Euro cup 2016It was also reported that there was some sort of trouble in the streets in between France, England, and Russia.

Deploy Ploice for FIFA 2018

See What Ms. Baldwin Thinks

To be strict with the game and to protect the image of the nation, Ms. Baldwin already insisted fans that they will not face any sort of violence and Russia will completely take the responsibility to run the FIFA world cup Russia 2018safely.

Ms. Baldwin was also quoted saying that they have deployed special police officers in order to eliminate any sort of nonsense activities.

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Russia Going To Deploy Huge Police Force for the World Cup

The police force deployed for this action is considered to be as large as a countries population.  According to Baldwin, they will have a strong cooperation with the authorities of Russia in order to be strict.

She also said this activity requires extensive cooperation from the police force to welcome the banning of hooliganism.

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she was also asked whether there was any group that England fans should try to avoid, she replied that the authorities have already blacklisted 1800 people from euro 2k16 incident. Moreover, in order to support the England fans, they have prepared a mobile embassy that will travel across the city to host England matches in FIFA world cup Russia 2018.

The above comments from the nation gave the fan a sigh of relief amid all tensions.


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