Russia tournament: Recalling Germany’s Battle of Football


OMG!! 28 days more to go, for the biggest battle of football all over the world, Yes! FIFA World Cup 2018 is coming again. The football fans in billions, are waiting for the tournament. This year, FIFA is hosted in Russia.
Looking at the past stats of FIFA, we can see that it is the twenty-first international tournament, which is starting from 14th June, 2018 and lasts till 15th July, 2018. Since 2006 Germany tournament of FIFA World Cup, this will be the first battle in Europe. This year, 32 teams are participating in FIFA.


In 2006, FIFA gave a memory to cherish for all FIFA fans and this victory is mentioned in Zinedine Zidane at Olympiastadion in Berlin where Macro Materazzi of Italy was smacked by the player of France. During the tournament of 2006 FIFA World Cup, mid-fielder – Real Madrid played blazingly giving his fans a surprise.

In football history of World Cups, the 2006 tournament was quite different from that of the cognition of Zinedine Zidane. During that evening, a red card was fluttered by Horacio Elizondo (the referee of Argentina) and the FIFA World Cup 2006Germany was the last major tournament for him who made an antiquity of his own by turning into first official referee of the Opening Match as well as of the Finals.

The Winning Team of 2006 FIFA World Cup


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