Shocking News- See What Former FIFA Executive Says About 1998 FIFA World Cup Draw

Michel Platini, a former executive of the world football governing body, FIFA, confess that the FIFA world cup 1998 draw was fixed.

Platini was offered 1.8 billion

Platini was suspended from UEFA as well as FIFA for accepting a bribe from FIFA president Sepp Blatter.  It is said that Platini was paid around $1.8 million from Blatter.

What Former FIFA Executive Says About 1998 FIFA World Cup Draw
FIFA latest news by FIFA executive
But the France leader who was in charge of the team from 1988-1992 admitted that he was in an agreement that France would not be able to face Brazil until they reach finals.

According to rules if FIFA the nation that host the tournament should be given a spot and the rest of the team will be selected on the basis of calculation of world ranking and their performance in the previous edition world cups.
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In 1992 Platini was given the post of co-president of the organizing committee for the world cup and he was involved in the conspiracy of keeping both Brazil and France draw apart until both of them reach finals. Platini, a former France midfielder went on to become a close friend of blatter until he was ruled out from the post of UEFA president in 2015.

Brazil in group A and France in C

In A group, Brazil was to seeds and in group C France. According to the words of Platini if both the teams were at the top of their group then they will not face each other before the final.

Consequently, all happened according to the plan both sides faced against each other in the final, while France lifting up the trophy. Zidane scored a couple of goals and the Emmanuel Petit finished making it a 3-0 victory for France in FIFA world cup 1998.


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