Darjeeling strives to use FIFA World Cup 2018 dedication to captivate tourists

FIFA World cup News

The lanes are guiding to the famous mall at Darjeeling and those leading to it have been painted and decorated with flags of the 32 nations competing in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Aforesaid students of Darjeeling’s famous St Joseph and North Point schools and some NGOs have taken up the project. 

The peaks of Darjeeling are swinging to the FIFA World Cup essence. The biggest football battle all over the world is commencing in Russia on June 15, is seen as a great occasion to appeal tourists by the local organizers, which is also a great prospect to get over the acrimony of last year’s perpetuated strikes and violence brought the death of 13 people.

According to Deven Gurung, chief executive officer of the Darjeeling North Point School Alumni Association, the proposal commenced on Saturday with a rally where participants had the flag of the countries they support intertwined around them. Gurung said “Our aim is to brand Darjeeling as World Cup town. At the same time, we want to give a message to the people that Darjeeling is absolutely peaceful and normal these days” .

The hill affirmed a 104-day strike from June 8 till September end last year. It led to several circumstances of assault in which 13 persons, including a police officer, were killed. Local businessmen, hotel owners and the tea industry suffered huge losses. Internet services remained suspended in the hills during that period and banking services too were severely hit.

According to the vice- president of Darjeeling North Point School Alumni Association, Ajoy Edwards, funds achieved from the month-long program will be utilized for a project “Clinic on Wheels” that attemptims to provide medical facilities to people living in poor areas.


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