FIFA 2018: Spain and Russia, what are you doing?

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FIFA 2018: Spain and Russia, what are you doing?

Spain and Russia, what are you doing?

One thing that has been surprising for so many of us is that what is Spain really doing? They made over 1,000 passes but most of them are sideways. This tournament they have stammered and never got going. One of the craziest thing that the world observed was the fact that they lost their coach to Real Madrid two days before the tournament. Since the original one was gone, the new coach, a famous Real Madrid legend departs from Andres Iniesta for this crucial game to support a 22-year-old from Real Madrid.

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There is no disagreeing to the very fact that for a minute it absolutely was nice to examine the previous European country retreat to within the field game however because of poor work, a dodgy system, lacking cohesion and rumors of divisions over club allegiances. Now the host nation marches on playing the most awful-efficient -tedious game that they could win for goodness sake, so Spain would just bring on another defensive football. But that makes Spain no less of a playing team as they have a set of the most talented and accomplished players but the sad truth is the fact that they have been given average coaching, and have survived a dodgy system that absolutely lacked cohesion and stirred rumors of divisions over club allegiances.
Never the less, no one this means that they don't deserve credit as they are doing the best that they can. But more that the poor performance of Spain, it’s the super energetic performance of Russia that has won all hearts. Some may even wonder if they have somehow managed to get the spirit of the Sochi Winter Olympics running in their veins? The sudden injection of energy and the injection of concentration has absolutely blown all minds!
These countries and their games are surely giving us all a good time in FIFA 2018.



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