Pochettino Not Interested In Bale Transfer Instead Looking To Sign Other Players

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Pochettino Not Interested In Bale Transfer Instead Looking To Sign Other Players: Gareth Bale has long been linked with the return to his former club Tottenham Hotspur, but now Tottenham manager simply ruled out his return and instead insisted he is busy looking other talents. The Real Madrid superstar was also linked with United but with Ronaldo’s departure, Madrid is left to utilize that option and are not in a mood to sell the Wales wizard.



Bale fame himself in Southampton and later he was transferred to Tottenham. No doubt he witnessed remarkable season and was transferred to Madrid later in 2013. le also linked several times with the return to his former club. However recent report claims that Bale is happy at Madrid and has no intention to provide space for his former club.

In an interview when Pochettino was asked about bales return, he simply denied his return and said it is all rumored and not realistic. Moreover, he revealed that his club is looking for other signings. With transfer window for Premier League closing on August 9, manager across different clubs are quite busy to rebuild their team to add silverware to their cabinet.

Pochettino also said that his club is looking to add a quality player on their side which would enable them to score more goals. He seems to be quite optimistic with his words.

Victor Wanyama and Moussa Sissoko Injured Themselves During International Champions Cup

Both midfielders Victor Wanyama and Moussa Sissoko injured themselves during the preseason while competing for International Champions Cup. According to club representatives, Wanyama went back to London for advanced treatment, however, according to the representatives they do not think he suffered from a hefty injury.

Tottenham is playing the International Cup with the absence of nine world cup stars which gave their manager some time to asses the value his clubs under 23 stars. The youngsters will surely benefit themselves by playing against such elite opposition.



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