Atletico Was Held by Bahia in a 2-2 Encounter

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Atletico Was Held by Bahia in a 2-2 Encounter

Both Atlético Mineiro and Bahia played a hard football which ended the match in a draw. The encounter between the two sides turned out to be the best match of this weekend. Bahia being an underdog gave a tough fight to earn a point and save them from the relegation process. They came behind and scored two late goals to secure a point in the tournament and survive them further.

Atlético Mineiro was pretty quick to score their open goal, it was Matheus Galdezani who put himself on the scoresheet in the early six minutes and also netted his first goal of the season.

Atletico Was By Held by Bahia in a 2-2 Encounter
Atletico Was By Held by Bahia in a 2-2 Encounter

Bahia Decided To Play a Possession Game

After conceding the goal Bahia decided to play a possession game and own much of the possession. They played in an attacking style too; with 22 shorts they finally rewarded themselves in the 84th minutes. Gilberto took the initiative to save his team and smashed a late minute screamer beating Atlético Mineiro goalkeeper Victor.

Ricardo Oliveira Who Put Minero Again To Lead

It was 38 years old Ricardo Oliveira who put Minero again to lead by scoring a late minute goal, which looked like a match winner. However, Bahia fought until the end and did not lay down as Regis produced a late last minute goal to earn a point.

Bahia thus escaped themselves from the bottom four and is currently in the 15th place with another game in hand. The single point of Bahia has led Santos to fall under the drop zone and they will face a tough challenge to escape that position for qualifying for the league.

Atlético Mineiro is way above Bahia and is currently on 4th place with 27 points and at the top of the league, Flamengo is leading the battle with 34 points.


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