Brazilian Star Neymar Admits That Sometimes He Overreact

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Brazilian Star Neymar Admits That Sometimes He Overreact

Finally, Neymar admits that he overreacted in fouls in the last edition of the world cup, However, he promised the football fans to become a new man after his underperformance in the world cup.

Brazil was among the favorites and fans were in high hopes that the Brazilian poster boy could finally help them to lift the title since 2002.  But they fell apart in Russia and were dismissed by the strong Belgian side in the quarterfinals.

Brazilian Star Neymar Admits That Sometimes He Overreact
Brazilian Star Neymar Admits That Sometimes He Overreact

Neymar injured himself before the tournament which left the football fans to wonder whether he could feature in the tournament or not. He fought back his injury and recovered from his broken foot he suffered to play for the world cup. Despite his playmaking skills, he has been seen playacting several times in the tournament which led him to fall under criticism. He only scored a couple of goal in the tournament and was knocked out by Belgian at a later stage of the tournament.

 Neymar not Shortlisted for the FIFA Best Player Award

No doubt Neymar is regarded as one of the best player in the world and with insane dribbling and playmaking skills he can turn any game in seconds. However, it was quite shocking for the football fans to accept the fact that he was not shortlisted for the FIFA best player awards.

Neymar recently featured in an advertisement for Gillette where he was seen accepting criticism and also promised to bounce back and become a new man for the team. Neymar also expressed that he truly suffers from such injuries on the pitch and people have no idea what kind of situation he goes through outside the pitch.

After the world cup campaign got over for Neymar, he is busy focusing on his team practice session to add more titles.


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