Can Juventus maintain their domestic dominance like before?

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Can Juventus maintain their domestic dominance like before?:- Juventus are such a side who have won the Serie A title for the past seven years. Which means the team is dominating the Italy’s domestic league for seven years. But they have one problem, that is they are now focusing on champions’ League and this could create a negative impact in the serie a title run.

Can Juventus maintain their domestic dominance like before_
Can Juventus maintain their domestic dominance like before_

It has been 22 years since Juventus lifted the champions league trophy

Juventus is one of the heavyweight clubs in Europe and they are aiming to finally clinch the UEFA Champions League. Juventus even bought Ronaldo from Madrid in order to make their wish fulfilled. It has been 22 years since they lifted the champions league trophy. Juventus might have reached five final after that, but their side was not strong enough to lift the title. However, they are now desperate to bring the trophy back into the home. They have made a huge transformation in the team in this transfer season.

Juventus squad includes CR7. There is no current player who has won UCL more than him. He has lifted the trophy five times. Ronaldo who is known for his challenging attitude will look for another champions league with his current club.

Ronaldo might be 33 but the way he is playing is something worth to see. He scored 15 goals in the UCL last season and 26 in La Liga. His stats are enormous even at this age. Juventus coach has coached several big players like Dybala, Pogba, Higuain but no one matches the caliber of Ronaldo.  It will be curios to see how juve coach handles the Portuguese international when things won’t go well.

Serie A heavyweight Roma, AC Milan and Napoli have also strengthened their team by signing various players. Moreover, Napoli can be quite confident with Ancelotti, who has experienced a successful career giving one UCL to Madrid in 2014.


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